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If your mission is to sell your collections in large retail stores or boutiques, this option is right for you. There is no up-front fee associated with signing up. Our services include:

  • Brief market analysis consultation

  • Finding the perfect sales agent(s) that understands your target market and brand philosophy

  • We follow the sales process while you focus on your collections 


Some of our clients want to showcase their work. We can help you with all the heavy lifting if you're too far away to organize your event on the ground. Our services include:

  • Venue search and negotiation

  • Aide in the administrative process

  • Creation in marketing and communications

  • Setup and breakdown of event


We can hire and set you up with the perfect creative freelance team to help you with your branding and communications who are passionate about your brand!

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Connecting You To The Right Retailers

Have you ever envisioned your brand’s name worn by people all over the world but don’t know how to achieve that goal? 

OUIBRIDGE understands that one of the scariest things is moving outside of your comfort zone into unfamiliar territory. You dream of breaking into the world of high fashion but need some guidance and connections to make that dream come true. 

Our agency is designed to help emerging fashion designers break into a market through the help of sales distribution to major (and minor) retailer stores.

OUIBRIDGE  recognizes each brand is unique and as a result need unique solutions. 

Our Fashion & Luxury Boutique Agency is here to connect you with the best sales agents and showrooms the resonate with your brand philosophy and DNA. Our agents have a vast network of buyers and merchandisers in large and small stores located all over the world. We can help your brand expand to succeed in a new market. 


Your On The Ground Team

Being able to showcase your work in a new market is very important. However, many brands find it difficult to organize events while not physically being present, which can be tiring and financially difficult. 

We want you to focus on your current and future collections while we focus on organizing your event for you.


Effective Visual Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story, let us help you tell yours. 

Every brand began with a purpose and we are here to help you tell your story. As a busy designer, you don’t have the time to draft, outline, write, edit, and present your story in multiple medias. We are here to help. 

We understand that marketing in one country is different than marketing in another. Cultural differences exist, audiences expect different things, and breaking into a new market is extremely difficult if you are not well versed in this market you want to grow in. 

Because we are a European based company, OUIBRIDGE understands how the French Fashion Industry and its people think. We are the experts in helping non-european designers build a voice in the french market through visual communication. We understand the hesitation to tell your story if you don’t have the right words. 

If this sounds like you, we'll team you up with the best creatives that share a passion for your brand.