Nari Clutch

Nari Clutch

47,37 €Price

Strong yet feminine, the Nari clutch symbolises the natural strength and beauty that defines all women.


Made from khesh using contrasting leather trimmings, the Nari clutches blend contemporary design with traditional materials to make a statement accessory. Spacious enough to carry everything you need, it's the perfect accessory to add that pop of colour.

  • Price

    Retail: Monochrome €49.21

  • Material


    Upcycled Leather

  • Dimensions

    Length: 10 inches

    Height: 5 inches

  • Features

    4 card slots                                                                                                                                                                            2 full length currency slots

    1 large compartment that can hold your phone, keys, notes, etc.

    2 zipper pockets inside

    2 pockets, for the quick stashaways.                                                                                        

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    • We do not refund money but we will do a free replacement in case of any product defects
  • Wholesale and Retail

    • Inclusive of soft/ dust bag packaging. Do not come with individual boxes. ( These can be provided if needed at a nominal cost)
    • Not inclusive of shipping. Will be charged at actuals. We have an express account with DHL where the rates are very competitive. We could use that or the clients account too
    • Not inclusive of any duties payable.
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