Modular Anklet

Modular Anklet

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This anklet is handmade by me in my workshop. Flexible, this chain adapts to your body.

Custom made length.



Measure your wrist/ankle with a flexible thread. You will obtain a result between 14 and 22 cm.

Color: Silver

    Laura's journey as a jewellery designer officially started with her first collection in 2015. But the origins of her vocation require a quick jump in the past.
    Born in a French family of jewellers with eastern and Scandinavian influences, she had the chance to experience the beauty of the jewellery craft at a young age, by observing her uncle, and later her cousin, sculpting silver with intelligence and simplicity.

    She chose to experiment the art of jewellery through sculpture by attending and graduating from a degree in Sculpture applied to Metal in Paris, at the National Art School ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres. And in order to broaden her imagination, she then assisted artists, designers and jewelers with very distincts universes such as Ralph Bakker, Eloïse Fiorentino, Ximena Alarcon Cavrois, Philip Sajet, Guillaume Airiaud and Michal Avraham, giving her the desire to develop her own collection.

        Laura Essayie is currently developing an evolving collection of jewels with the line as a starting point. Each jewel is conceived as a small sculpture to wear. In silver, gold plated brass, or gold. She designs and make all the pieces from the collection in her workshop, with traditional tools. Working in complete freedom, she proposes a collection that doesn't follow the rhythm of fashion but focus on creating high quality jewels with a strong design that make them timeless.

    Her workshop is traveling with her between Paris, The Netherlands and Italy.




    Measure your finger with a flexible thread. You will obtain a result between 48 and 66 mm. You can also use this virtual tool:

    For the two fingers rings, let me know on which hand and which fingers you wish to wear it, along with the measures of each finger.

     Measure your wrist with a flexible thread. You will obtain a result between 14 and 22 cm.

    Earrings & Necklaces
    On request, most of my designs are customizable, length and diameter wise.


    Silver jewels

    Because they are in sterling silver, the best way to take good care of them and keep them bright and shining is to wear them : you can shower, swim in the sea and sleep with them. If you didn’t wear a silver jewel for a while, it probably became a bit dark and dull. You can wash it with an old toothbrush and some dishwashing soap. It will shine again!

    Gold plated & Vermeil jewels

    On contrary of the silver ones, the gold plated and vermeil jewels are more sensitive to outside elements. To protect the golden layer and let it stay forever on your jewel, don’t put it in contact with water or perfume. Put it back in your jewelry box when you don’t wear it.


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