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Fashion tech – Artificial Intelligent Designers

It's no secret that technology has drastically evolved over the past few years, but how has it evolved or, let’s say improved the fashion industry?!

Technology has always been a big part of the fashion industry. From olden-day sewing machines to e-commerce stores, both the fashion and tech industries have one thing in common: they are forward-thinking. What will be the next best thing? Keep in mind that the next best thing being worked on now might only be released in the next 10 years. You know how it goes, step by step. Keep people intrigued and guessing.

In today’s world, fashion tech is growing faster than ever before. Automatic sewing robots now replace manual labour, AI algorithms predicting fashion trends, VR mirrors in dressing rooms and the list goes on.

Where do we draw the line? Where does it stop?

The simple answer is, it doesn’t. As long as the sun rising from the east tomorrow, a new idea will arise and be designed before the day is over.

This is the world we are in. Fashion tech and tech in general is a war not worth fighting, an unbeatable war. But none the less an exciting one. If used in the right way, it could be beneficial to all. One thing I’d like to mention is AI Designers. Tested by Google, project Muze is a project that makes use of a neural network, trained to understand colours, patterns, textures and style preferences, derived from Google trend reports. Algorithms are then used to create styles based on user interests.

Amazon is testing the waters in this area as well, as usual. One of their projects uses machine learning to determine if something is stylish or not. Sounds cool, but it does give the style power to a machine instead of us, the people, the ones who will wear the clothes.

But then again, it’s all ideas and prototypes, for now at least.

A lot more R&D will still be needed before brands will be able to use AI designers even though AI is already helping many brands create and iterate their designs faster than ever before. As I mentioned before, technology can be an amazing thing. The sky is literally the limit with what we can create.

We just need to remember that we as humans come first. During the Covid-19 pandemic, technology has helped the industry in a big way. For example, being able to control everything online. What seemed to be impossible a few years ago is now our new normal.

The fashion industry is a 2.5 trillion-dollar industry. Though it was hit hard during the pandemic, it is a given that it will climb back up again. Technology will most definitely help. But we need to be careful to not allow technology to control us, we should always be in control of technology.

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Reuben Watney.

Co-founder and COO @ OUIBRIDGE


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