COVID-19 Quarantine - How Makeup gave way to Skincare

From a 'make-up' world to 'total skincare at home' life. We were always too used to running down to the local store for some eyeliner or some BB-cream or getting some Nivea to do a face mask or scrub. I can safely say that we all took a little break from the running around to look good during this pandemic.

Taking a break from the rat race gave us an opportunity to appreciate and learn more about DIY skincare. Good thing or bad thing? That is for you to decide, but I’d say, it's a great thing.

Yes, to all the guys out there, a NEED!!!

But we can ease off a little on having to paint our faces all the time. As most of us were forced to work from home, we were able to give our skin a well-deserved break.

Rethinking on how we socialize with friends and how we have to do our jobs now to meet deadlines. How we search on google for DIY skincare, the pandemic has changed our lives and we are all living a much less make-up world. Sorry dudes but it’s our time.

Speaking about time, we take our time to do our make-up and we are a lot more careful with the products we use. That’s for sure. We were so used to doing it every morning for work that it became so part of our daily routine, much like breathing.

It’s a sure thing that many salons closed during this time, a sad truth as that means a lot of unemployment. Many salon owners now work from home or do call-outs going to client’s homes just to keep on living. The local hair and beauty salon down the street is probably no longer there.

Many people are now experimenting with DIY hair products. Supermarket products were probably the only part of the hair and beauty industry that thrived during this time as we were forced to do it ourselves. I guess it fixed the problem temporarily but in the long run, we all know that supermarket products are probably not the best thing for your hair. But I guess we have to do what we have to do.

I’m sure you can all agree that one thing we did enjoy about all of this was the phase. We had a lot more time to pamper ourselves with a nice mask or scrub. Well, I did. There wasn’t much to do other than that, so I took advantage.

Although having a 14-year old daughter, make-up is life, especially with a TikTok account.

Urgh! But, I tried.

I know that she will remember what she learnt over this time. (I sincerely hope so!)

COVID was not a memorable time, there’s no secret there. But in a way, we can be thankful. We had time to figure out what we really need on our skin and what we don’t. I speak for everyone when I say we definitely saved money during this time.

Did you know that the average woman spends around $40/50 per month on makeup products?

Considering the 3-month lockdown, not a bad saving I’d say. Hopefully, we will now spend less on chemical products and more on healthy skincare items.

The pandemic can be seen from two angles, which angle are you looking from?

Picture Courtesy: Good Housekeeping,The Skin Nerd

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